Planned Parenthood is on the chopping block of newly elected Representative Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget agenda. However, as we all know, butchering babies of all ages, while still in the womb, is a favorite past-time for Liberal Democrats, and in particular our president, Barack Obama.

In which case, straight out terminating of funding for Planned Parenthood will be a whole lot harder than just sending a budget-bill to Obama’s desk effectively aborting the organization’s money stream.

Having been supportive of partial birth abortion in the past, inducing Obama to sign a bill killing the organization’s tax-payer funding will not be easy.

In terms of expectations as to achieving ending funding to Planned Parenthood, Representative Ryan said, "I'm not going to pre-determine the outcome of negotiations that have not even taken place yet.” He went on further to say that, “… we also have a reconciliation process under way, and we have defunded Planned Parenthood through the reconciliation process, which is our best chance and opportunity of actually getting a bill on the president's desk.”

What will it take, and what has to give, to get a bill defunding the organization through the Senate and onto the president’s desk?

Reconciliation helps, because only a simple majority is needed to pass a bill in the Senate.

We shall see what happens. In the meantime, Congress and the President should be ashamed of themselves for prostituting the unborn, because that is exactly what they are doing. How much is a baby worth?

Source: CNS News

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