The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), never folks to miss an opportunity to bully Americans, have set their sights on none other than Donald Trump. Good luck with that.

The group is a terrorist organization, for crying out loud. Who cares what they have to say?! They need to pack their camels and goats and go to where somebody cares, and it isn’t America.

Unfortunately, the left-wing mainstream media cares so be sure to keep an eye out for a coming hit-piece against Trump.

Apparently, telling the tale of a General (John Pershing) dipping bullets in pig’s blood, and having his soldiers do the same, during the Philippine-American war is “inflammatory rhetoric.”

No, sorry, chopping off people’s heads, crucifying people, and encouraging gang rape of all ages “inflammatory.”

As the good General told the Muslims way back when,

“You go back to your people you tell them what happened,” regarding 49 Muslims executed at the hands of the firing squad. But hey, what’s CAIR do?

Complain that “Donald Trump’s rhetoric has crossed the line from spreading hatred to inciting violence…

Wha…? Pershing’s actions were far more benevolent than raping little boys, turning children in pin cushions for swords, and feeding them to their mothers.

CAIR has one goal in mind—expanding the caliphate. That is it. As part of their agenda, they mean to silence anyone who points out their blood thirsty history, and their means to achieve similar goals the world over.

Thank you Donald Trump for reminding us all that the problem with radical Islam is here to stay.

Source: BrietBart


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