It would appear by the brief video clip and still photos depicting the massive military parade in North Korea over the weekend that our little pudgy despot dictator is perhaps using a little "slight-of-hand," perhaps better suited for a weekend craft show than a display of military hardware.

Case in point; after viewing a brief video clip of BBC reporter John Sudworth reviewing the passing weapons parade behind him, one image, in particular, became the immediate focal point of speculation and suspicion, that what appeared as a lethal rocket, might, in fact, be nothing more than a clever creation of cardboard, posterboard, wire and paint.

Check it out and decide for yourself:

The evidence is perhaps as flimsy as the “papier-mâché” rocket-head pointing skyward, indicating that perhaps the “rocket” may actually be a fake, and falling apart perhaps due to the vibration of the flatbed truck rumbling through the streets of Pyongyang.

The show of force was in celebration of the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation's founder Kim Il-Sung, and of course for the unhinged Kim Jong-Un to once again display his arsenal, with the hope of perhaps intimidating the civilized world.

Moreover, the tantalizing video clip will no doubt be analyzed by our State Department, Department of Defense and those within the Intel community to see if indeed the speculation might be true.

Remarkably North Korea controls everything that goes out of their nation, and the few foreign journalists who are allowed in the country are heavily guarded, with each reporter assigned to a military guard, and nothing leaves the country without Kim Jong-Un personally signing off.

Which actually leaves us with more questions than answers, however after the video was released; social media had a field day. One Twitter user posted: 'Does North Korea think they are fooling anyone with all those fake missiles on parade?'

While another posted: “So funny that in the “tightly controlled” BBC News footage from North Korea the missiles are obviously fake, you can see one is bent upwards.”

Check out the responses to the pathetic show of "force" by North Korea:

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