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It seems that the only clarity coming out of the Middle East in terms of a cohesive understanding of who the players are came from the Prime Minister of Israel, when he summed up the ongoing crises perfectly by stating:  “The enemy of your enemy is your enemy.”
It was a simple yet profound statement, and yet listening to Defense Secretary Carter attempting to explain our military objective in combating ISIS, one gets the feeling that the entire success of the mission hinges on questionable and untested allies.
He described the trainees as "highly-vetted individuals" who are being trained in a "secure location," which he would not disclose. "As you probably know, there are several locations, and we -- we're going to keep that to ourselves."

He continued: "Now, remember, their mission is to fight ISIL. So, that's the combat we expect them to get involved in, and we do expect to support them in that regard. If they are contested by regime forces, we  again, we would have some responsibility to help them. We have not decided yet in detail how we would exercise that responsibility, but we have acknowledged that we have that responsibility."

In response to criticism from the Syrian opposition leaders that the training program is too small to be effective, Carter said it will "need to prove itself" over time. "We hope this to be an ever-expanding program once it proves itself, which I think it will."

The U.S. is training the Syrians to be "boots on the ground" in the fight against Islamic State terrorists, but what if they get into a fight with forces loyal to Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, a reporter asked Carter.

Carter admitted, "We have not determined yet all of the rules of engagement under...those circumstances, but I think we have acknowledged that we have some responsibility towards, to support them."

It seems obvious that this half-baked strategy didn’t originate in the Pentagon, in that no honorable and savvy military man would conjure up such a pathetic plan.

h/t: CNS

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