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For those not familiar with Pat Boone, he was a popular actor/singer of 50’s and 60’s and perhaps best noted for "Love Letters in the Sand” and "Ain't That a Shame,” along with many other hit songs.

Boone is also a devote Christian appearing regularly on religious themed shows discussing theology and current event issues pertaining usually to matters of religion, and in particular the hypocrisy of secular progressives.

And within Boon’s crosshairs was Saturday Night Live over its recent fake movie trailer, “God is a Boob Man,” on Monday, pointing out that the program would never have the guts to air a similar skit lampooning Islam or Mohammad.

And that’s the essential point, in that Christians are by far the easiest group to malign, to slander and to disrespect, simply because they practice what they preach…”forgiveness!”

The “trailer” depicts a small-town baker named Beth who refuses to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple; the gay couple promptly threatens to get their “Jewish lawyer” involved in the case, and want the baker to admit that “God is gay.” Beth goes to court in an attempt to “prove once and for all that God is straight.”

You can watch the SNL skit here:

As a Christian I would imagine that most critical thinking Christians would find the skit in bad taste and be done with it…however the wider issue that Boone is pointing out, is that secular progressives would never attempt to malign, to slander or disrespect Muslims, simply because they’re cowards, and realize they may actually lose their heads, in the process.

“As much as I’ve enjoyed SNL, they went over the line, and believers in God deserve an apology,” Boone added.

h/t: Breitbart



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