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The war on Christians continues unabated and for the most part ignored by most civilized nations. The outrage of seeing Christians beheaded, mutilated, assaulted and raped seems to almost be an acceptable reality by many claiming religious tolerance of Muslims while ignoring the plight of Christians taking place in many far off nations across the globe.

This latest incident took place in Nigeria, however it could almost be anywhere within impoverished nations that simply lack the resources or perhaps the commitment to protect the Christian minorities that live within their region.

Moreover this senseless murder simply illustrates how perverse some Muslim fanatics respond to simply being asked to move their Islamic ritual cleansing elsewhere.

The request came from Bridget Agbahime a vendor who simply asked Alhaji Dauda to perform his ritual away from her storefront so she could conduct her business as a kitchen utensil vendor and sell her wares in peace, without the distraction in front of her store, which no doubt was a reasonable request.

According to reports this was an ongoing issue of Dauda performing his loony ritual in front of Agbahime's store front and, although Dauda moved away from the store this time, he was apparently outraged at the polite request.

Dauda returned with a mob of Muslims to the store, to apparently confront both Agbahime and her husband, Pastor Mike Agbahime of Deeper Life Bible Church in Kano, who was meeting with the market landlord about the ongoing issue of Dauda’s refusal to move away from the store front.

Chanting the jihadist chant “Allahu Akbar (God is greater),” Dauda proclaimed that Agbahime must die for her blasphemy against the Profit Muhammad, and suddenly attacked the couple he along with the Muslim mob.

The good pastor attempted to protect his wife, but was quickly overpowered by the fanatical Muslim mob, who began to beat her as she knelt to pray, before she was savagely beaten and clubbed to death. All this senseless carnage for a simple request to please conduct your Muslim ritual someplace else…and these are the people coming across our borders.

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Source: BP News


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