“Fifty years ago President Johnson gave us the notion of the Great Society.”

“Fifty years later we see there can be no great society without great morality.”

“Fifty years later we see there can be no Great Society when government involvement incentivizes family disintegration, making it more profitable to cohabit than to be married.”

“We see fifty years later that there can be no Great Society when government involvement incentivizes joblessness making it impossible to make a judgment to take a low-skilled job when you‘re making more money on the government dole.”

Reverend Cecil Blye

Senior Pastor, More Grace Ministries

Louisville, Kentucky


While those words could aptly apply across the broad spectrum of American society, Reverent Blye was speaking to a specific demographic; “The paradigm of government as parent has destroyed the black family and made black fatherhood irrelevant.”

He gave his inspiring talk while in attendance at the Stay True to America’s National Destiny (STAND) event in Washington D.C., this past Wednesday.

Again, his point can be directed society-wide, in that children grow up to do better when they are raised in an intact family with a strong male figure leading the household.

Government cannot replace a father or other family-committed strong male leader, be it an older brother, uncle or grandfather to show young boys how to grow to be good men.

Together, Blye and Reverend E. W. Jackson, President of STAND are undertaking “Project Awakening: A Recovery Plan for America’s Inner Cities.” Reverends Jackson and Blye are turning to the private-sector and churches to step in and rescue the next generation.

Relying on God’s word and teaching regarding morality, marriage and family, as well as education, Blye and Jackson are setting out to do the work that no government can, or ever should un-righteously think it capable of.

Rather, “We need an awakening that saves our cities by strengthening our families and incentivizing personal responsibility and enterprise,” says Reverend Blye.

All of American should watch and follow the Reverends’ lead.

Source: CNS News

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