It’s not often that this hustler gets called out by one of his own, and when it done in public at a rally against community violence that’s something to pay attention at. The “melt-down” began when Pastor Marcus Moriah Jarvis became so enraged when hustler Al Sharpton began asking for “donations” that he shouted out for all to hear; “How dare you ask for money at this rally”?

The rally was held in Hartford, Connecticut, where several speakers (including Sharpton) touched on the need to come together as a community and stand strong against the rising homicide rate within their community.

However the speeches began to deviate from the intended topic to that of a fundraising environment when several Sharpton supporters on stage mentioned the need for more money for Sharpton’s National Action Network.

It was only until the pastor called Sharpton out did the Reverend promise that the donations would go toward building a memorial. He also promised to donate an additional $1,000 of his own money for the memorial's construction.

Apparently, not all in the crowd thought it appropriate the speakers used the anti-violence rally to raise money, and that’s when Pastor Monriah Jarvis let loose on the good Reverend Sharpton, and continued his verbal assault calling Sharpton a “pimp” for fueling the money-raising efforts.

Pastor Jarvis later appeared on Fox News to elaborate on his views.

“Well, we were having, they were holding a 'stop the violence' rally in Hartford, Connecticut. And I guess his invite was supposed to bring some attention to the plight in the city of Hartford. But once the rally and the march was ended, there was a gathering at Shiloh Baptist Church and there was an offering or a demand for money. And I thought that was hypocritical and contradictory to the cause. How are you going to ask a crime-riddled neighborhood that's impoverished for a $100 each donation without cause? They didn’t say what the money is going to be used for. I thought it was ‘pimpism’ at its best.”



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