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The senseless murder of Kate Steinle by a criminal illegal alien has become a national symbol of what is terribly wrong with America’s immigration policy and how our political leaders have betrayed the American people and America’s sovereignty.

To add to that betrayal is the slow pace of justice and a seeming lack of acknowledgement of the conditions that resulted in their daughter’s untimely death in San Francisco last summer, the family of Kate Steinle have filed a lawsuit against local and federal officials they deem responsible.

Citing “failures at every level,” the lawsuit authored by Frank Pitre, lawyer for the Steinle family, states that the illegal immigrant who has admitted shooting Steinle with a stolen gun should have been held in custody, if not deported, and not walking free on the streets of San Francisco.

According to Fox News, the lawsuit specifically named the then-Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi as being at fault, as well as President Barack Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Bureau of Land Management.

No doubt the murder of Steinle will be a major issue in the upcoming presidential campaign, and Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has made the issue of immigration the centerpiece of his campaign.

Trump has referenced the murder of Steinle countless times and in particular sanctuary cities like San Francisco, who have turned a blinds eye to the countless assaults, robberies and murders of innocent American’s.

Do you support Trump in his quest to rid our nation of illegal immigrants who are criminals?


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