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As an American parent how would you feel if your child was being forced to participate in celebrating World Hijab Day at their school?

Liberals have made such a huge issue of showing any support for Christianity in our schools so this would appear to be a serious double standard.

How about focusing on education instead of exposing children to a culture that is responsible for practically every single terror attack in the world today.

More from the Clarion Project :

School officials in Rochester, New York are getting flak from angry parents and teachers for holding an event in solidarity with World Hijab Day. The event, held at the school and during school hours, encouraged the high school girls to wear the Islamic headscarf for the day. Boys were given carnations to wear in solidarity.

Unsuspecting students put on the 150 headscarves that were brought by teachers before the first bell rang. They were encouraged to participate in the “cultural event” by the school’s principal Sheela Webster, who insisted the headscarf had nothing to do with religion, but rather all about the “experiental” and “was actually around learning about the cloth.”

“Our perspective in it was not religious – it was really about experiential,” she said. “We are an experiential school; we engage kids in all kinds of activities and projects all of the time, so the perspective of being able to learn what a hijab is, why some women choose to wear it and why some women don’t choose to wear it, and we provide the opportunity to experience it; it is well within protocol of experiential learning.”

This schools reasoning doesn't quite add up. They claim it is in now way religious that they are celebrating World Hijab day but then turn around and say they are exploring why women wear a hijab.

Last we checked the reason women wear this head scarf is absolutely due to Islam.

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