Mimi and Joe Lemay, parents of three daughters, have recently decided that their middle child, originally named Mia, was transgender and that she should adopt the lifestyle of a boy.

That daughter, now named Jacob, is five years old. Her parents listened to their daughter tell them that she “wanted to be a boy.” So they went ahead and started calling, treating, and having others treat her like a boy.

His parents claim that they wanted to start the transition as young as possible, so that their child would have an easier time being labeled as transgender. They claim to recognize the obstacles that their child will face and say that dealing with them now will help others to see that transgender kids are “normal and wonderful.”

The question naturally arises, was this some sort of fad or phase that their daughter was going through and have they taken things way too far? I think we all know the answer.

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Unfortunately for the Lemays and others, there are doctors who freely admit to counseling parents to bring up gender “crises” with their children at as young an age as possible. Have they ever taken time to think that these children might simply be playacting, the same way that they might pretend to be a knight or astronaut?

The parenting example set by this couple is doubly bad—not only because they are making terrible decisions with their own child by openly encouraging them to dress, act, and refer to themselves as a different gender, but also because of the publicity they are encouraging.

By showing off the change that they have made for their child, these parents are, in effect, encouraging others to make similarly bad decisions.

Children are too young to make decisions about their gender and sexuality. Let’s face the facts and stop ruining these children’s lives.

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