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Exercising “self-control” in middle school always seems to be an issue, however in this particular school it’s not the students but rather the teacher who lacks "self-control".

The teacher in question was actually sent home for misbehaving, after parents complained that their 8th grade children had been instructed to read profanity-laced lyrics for a “poetry” assignment.

The lyrics were from rapper (and actor), Ice Cube’s song “Who’s the Mack?” The students were instructed by the teacher to identify metaphors, similes and other literary elements.

While this literary exercise may be appropriate in a college setting, to subject impressionable 13-year olds, shows a complete lack of common sense and critical judgment by this first-year teacher…hopefully it’s a lesson learned.

Do you think glorifying thug culture to impressionable young students should result in this teacher being fired?

h/t: The Federalist Papers



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