Americans in 3 separate states have started to panic over a rather disturbing sight that has been spotted on major highways. Pictures of the unnerving convoy of massive black vehicles have been taken and posted to social media causing a bit of a scare. However, it's what they're being used for that has people in hysteria.

Armadas of multiple large matte black vehicles have been seen driving along roadways of Texas, Colorado, and Florida. People have begun to panic over the very ominous sight.

Many motorists have called in to local law enforcement hoping to get answers but have not been given any, as even the law enforcement in many places was completely unprepared for their arrival.

The only clue about the true purpose of these vehicles lies in three words painted on the side of each vehicle, right next to the massive biohazard symbol painted on the side, and it's not putting anyone's mind at ease.

The words spell out: "Mutation response vehicle"


Many people in Colorado suspect that the government might be doing something secret right in front of our eyes, and that no one know what it is.

Floridians seem to have a different theory about their true purpose. They believe that the vehicles are being sent to prepare for a zika outbreak that may have already begun seeing as the number of infected in the states has been on the rise.

Yet Pathogen Trackers has an entirely different theory. They report that there were recently photos taken of the strange vehicles at the music and art festival Burning Man and are in fact decked-out food trucks.

Many are skeptical of the final explanation and are worried that something much more sinister and dangerous may be going on right in front of our eyes, and none of us have any idea.

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Source: Mad World News


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