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President Obama has again moved to push boundaries and legitimize causes that he considers in need with his appointment of a transgendered person as a member of the White House personnel office.

That transgendered person is Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, who is working in a role as director of outreach and recruitment for Obama's White House. While the situation wouldn't appear to be cause for celebration or overly pandered praise, the White House is touting the appointment as more evidence that Obama can connect to more people.

The appointment made even more of a media splash because Freedman-Gurspan is not only transgender, but also black.

"That the first transgender appointee is a transgender woman of color is itself significant," said the director of a national advocacy group for transgendered persons.

While no one doubts the need for leadership and support for people who struggle with transgender and other sexual-orientation issues, the question does arise, 'How much publicity can one small White House appointment get?'

It's not as if Obama appointed Freedman-Gurspan to a high-level or valued position. Freedman-Gurspan is a director  of recruitment for the White House, after all.

But what Obama's appointment does signify is that he's willing to make ridiculous media statements in order to appease liberals and far-left vocal fringes who constantly parade the need for more legitimacy and more human rights.

How much difference does one more job for a transgendered person really mean?

While Freedman-Gurspan may be deserving of the appointment, it's sad that Obama is pushing even more stereotypes on people by publicizing the appointment. Couldn't Freedman-Gurspan have been simply hired on as a person, not a "transgendered" person?

Obama's administration seemingly knows no end to perpetuating racial and gender stereotypes in the name of greater equality and opportunity. It's sad that people on the left will do no more than praise this appointment and not see the underlying stereotypes that are being strengthened.

h/t: Breitbart

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