The world can indeed be a cruel place for a child living within the worn torn countries of the Middle East, moreover in a land which has seen tribal conflicts for countless centuries, where death and destruction can easily become an accepted possibility, and where ones much-needed faith can override vengeance.

And there’s little doubt Dr. Majid Janjua’s faith was tested to the extreme when he learned that his precious 11-year old son was raped and murdered at the hands of someone the Doctor knew.

The victim named Majid Janjua was the child of the Pakistani doctor and a Russian mother and was brutally murdered in the province of Abu Dhabi when the child was apparently followed by a man disgusted as a woman wearing a traditional burka.

Majid Janjua

The suspect, a Pakistani immigrant from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, knew Dr. Janjua and his son, and perhaps sensing the boy would be suspicious of being followed by a male decided to don the burka.

Dr. Majid Janjua, 38, told the local media that his son would never walk off with a stranger, and then stated his son never went outside without “our permission.”

Then adding: "It is fate; Allah's decision. We have to accept it.”

The good doctor then shared that his son was enthusiastic about his religion saying; 'He woke up early and had suhour with us. We went for Fajr prayers at the masjid and he was in a very happy state of mind.'

The child was reported missing after failing to come home from the mosque and was later found dead, partially dressed lying next to his Quran by air-conditioning technicians on the roof of the building where the child lived.

Within 48 hours of the discovery of the body, the police had enough forensic evidence to link the suspect to the crime.

If found guilty the suspect could face death by firing squad, which is the prescribed sentence involving murder and rape in the United Arab Emirates. However, the suspect is more likely to receive life in prison.

Do you think the burka should be banned in the United States as other nations have done?

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