In the West Village in New York City a savage couple of black thugs and thugettes happened to cross paths with an innocent elderly white man. While the female half of the pair waited nearby and provided watch for her male counterpart the male approached the the elderly man and gave him a very nasty surprise.

The unnamed victim is only 75 years old and was not only not expecting to have to fight for his life but was too old and frail to put up much of a fight in the first place.

The elderly man had simply stopped to rest for a moment before continuing with his walk. Unbeknownst to him and completely unprovoked the the thuggish attacker blindsided the man with a swift punch to the back of the head.

The initial strike sent the man to the ground but the brutal attack was not over yet. While the lady lookout watched and made sure nobody was coming to stop the racist assault a security camera caught the entire incident on tape.

No doubt you will never hear about this from the mainstream media because they do not want to show you the truth behind these reverse racism attacks.

The assault continued with the assailant repeatedly kicking and punching the white victim while he was helpless and dazed on the ground.

The pair of ruthless thugs thought that they had gotten away with their attack, but there still may be hope for justice to be served to these two racist savages.

The victim was able to recount one significant detail about the assailant, a red streak through the attackers hair. This coupled with the surveillance footage has led the police to put out a "Be On Look Out" (BOLO) for the violent couple.

The elderly man was eventually found covered in his own blood and was immediately rushed to the hospital where he survived the assault only suffering lesions and bruises to his face and head.

This is just another example of a ruthless racist attack by a group of blacks against an innocent white victim that will go unheard and unjustified. If this situation had been reversed every mainstream news source in the country would be covering it claiming that it is another instance of white 'oppression' and violence against blacks.

Source: Mad World News


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