The mainstream media reports of an appalling incident in a Brooklyn fast food restaurant are accurate – to a point.

While it is true that a “group of people” attacked “a man” after he apparently offended them by making the mistake of offering to pay for their food.

That of course tells only part of the story.

“I’ve got money, I’ve got money... Mind your f---ing business!” yelled one member of “the group.”

Police in Prospect Park South have released surveillance video hoping someone will come forward and identify the four young men who began yelling at him before punching him in the head and torso, beating the 37-year-old victim with his own cane.

As the victim lay on the floor, making weak attempts to defend himself from the assault, two more suspects ran into the restaurant, joining in the beating and a third picked his pockets.

The as yet unidentified victim, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, was taken to a local hospital and where he was treated for broken bones, bruises and cuts.

Some news outlets are calling the brutal attack “an altercation,” which is defined as an argument, quarrel, disagreement, connoting that the victim somehow participated in a fight, rather than being viciously attacked and beaten.


Beyond that, police are hamstrung by the politically correct constraints of the media who, while ostensibly airing the surveillance video to help identify the suspects, manage to report the “facts” without describing the attackers.

To be clear so that the public can assist the police in apprehending them, all four of the attackers are black men.

If that salient fact is offensive, then Brooklyn is on the lookout for “men” – white, Asian, Hispanic, black or Native American and hardly likely to capture the attackers before they are emboldened to do the same to the next person unlucky enough to offer to feed them.

And to be clear, the victim, as seen on the video, was white.

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