The police officer wasn’t scheduled to be on duty, but was filling in for another cop when he was dispatched to investigate a possible drug deal in progress.

That’s when 25-year-old Christopher Dorman, who had wanted to be a cop since volunteering at the fire department as a teenager, faced Donte Brooks Island, aka Abdul Wahi, who pulled a gun and shot Dorman seven times.

He was hit in the face, the chest, the groin and the leg – his bullet-proof vest saved his life.

Video from NBC-affiliate Action News in Philadelphia shows a brutal trail of stitches across his face, but the young officer was smiling for the camera as he thanked everyone who helped save his life – as well giving as a shout-out to country music star Kenny Chesney.

“I’d like to thank all the police, paramedics and doctors – and hey Kenny, don’t forget me,” Dorman from his hospital bed where he is in guarded condition.

Dorman has tickets to see Chesney’s show in Philly on Saturday night.

Dorman, who had been on the force only a year, can be heard on police radio audio calling for backup, “I’m shot in the face! I’m shot in the face! I’m shot! I’m shot! I’m shot!”

A second officer was fired upon when he arrived to assist, although he was not hit, while another, realizing Dorman was seriously injured, drove him to the hospital in a police cruiser.

SWAT officers working with a state police helicopter covered the area and found Island hiding inside the apartment building.

Island, who is thought to have converted to Islam while serving time on drug and firearms convictions, is being held on $1 million bail on two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, and other offenses.

The shooting, the first of a police officer in the quiet borough a half-hour drive from Philadelphia violence has touched the community and on Friday, clergy, police, and residents held hands at a prayer vigil.

Dorman he is also receiving praise from the residents at the building where the shooting took place who applauded the officers as they cleared the crime scene afterwards.

“We were applauding because they got somebody bad off the streets. If he’s going to shoot at a cop, he’s definitely going to shoot at innocent bystanders, and I live right there,” said one Folcroft resident who apparently feels that blue lives matter.

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