A Muslim woman recently appeared in court to battle for custody against her husband. During the trial her husband took an oath on the Holy Bible, while she got upset that she was not allowed to swear an oath on Koran. Pennsylvania state law allows for people to take an oath on the Bible or can take an oath without swearing on the Bible.

The law states: 42 Pa.C.S. Section 5901, which states the following: "(a) General rule.—Every witness, before giving any testimony shall take an oath in the usual or common form, by laying the hand upon an open copy of the Holy Bible, or by lifting up the right hand and pronouncing or assenting to the following words: 'I, A.B., do swear by Almighty God, the searcher of all hearts, that I will [_______], and that as I shall answer to God at the last great day.'

The woman says that other states allow people to swear on the Koran, and that Pennsylvania discriminates against Islam and other religions. The judge upheld Pennsylvania law and didn't allow her to swear on the Koran.

The woman's issue is now being used against her by her husband Au.org reported, "He told the court that the woman's refusal to swear on a Bible or make a non-religious affirmation served as a sort of witness intimidation, since it could be construed to imply that his testimony would be less than truthful as he swore on a non-Islamic book."

Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of what makes the United States, the United States. The Pennsylvania law does not require people to swear upon the Bible, and they are given the option to take an oath without any religious book being present. While this woman cries that she's being discriminated against, it has to be asked if she has the same feeling towards the Yazidi Christians being persecuted in Iraq. If she wants to experience real religious intolerance, it's not going to be found in a Pennsylvania courtroom, but instead it can be found every day in the Middle East where people are being killed for not being Muslims.


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