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What's on the menu at Captain Black's? Why it's government-funded BBQ! At least it was before 21 people were busted in a scam that netted over 16,000$ in taxpayer funded expenditures that directly benefited Stanley Collins, the owner of Captain Black's in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The scheme involved the use of discount club cards used to buy bulk food service items that stocked the shelves and were later prepared as meals to be sold for real money. That would mean even more profit on top of the 16,000$ already netted in food stamp abuse, all at our expense.

We have reported on mass welfare scams before and you can bet this one won't be the last. Not while Obama still has his say, that's for sure.

Thankfully, this crooked establishment is now permanently closed. Maybe these people can put their food service experience to good you at the jailhouse chowline.

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