With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, police officers everywhere in America have been under attack for the use of force when making arrests. However, Black Lives Matter's attempts to disparage the police and reduce their authority in neighborhoods has resulted in a lot of pushback from sheriffs and police across the country.

One of the most outspoken of these sheriffs is David Clarke, sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Sheriff Clarke has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement before, but he hasn't said anything like this before. No one has.

In a social media post, Sheriff Clarke posted a picture of a free gift that he is willing to give to any Black Lives Matter protester who is brave enough to show up to his office.

The gift is a plain white t-shirt with the words "Don't Resist Arrest" printed in black letters on the front. The text of the tweet showing Sheriff Clarke holding up the picture read "Sheriff Clarke's campaign to reduce use of force by law enforcement officers. Free for Black LIES Matter members."

Sheriff Clarke's comments have, of course, generated a lot of support from people who see things the same way, but it's also resulted in pushback from others.

"Tamir Rice was shot 1.7 seconds after police arrival. They had no time to say ANYTHING to him before shooting!" tweeted out one person who disagreed with Clarke.

Others commented sarcastically on the post and Sheriff Clarke has said that he's received threats from his statement.

But all kidding aside, the real truth behind the Black Lives Matter movement is the terrible fact that it is teaching young people across the country to resist arrest by the police, sometimes violently. That's a bad idea, simply because the police are trained to respond to force with force. That's how they protect us.

We need more people like Sheriff Clarke who are brave enough to stand up to the Black Lives Matter protesters and stand for the rule of law in America.

h/t: IJ Review

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