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A Marine war hero, Sgt. Christopher Marquez, who was beaten by a group of Black Lives Matter supporters after racially taunting him are not going to be charged with committing a hate crime.

All the facts in the case point towards a racially motivated attack. Racial slurs were directed at the victim before and during the attack on the Marine.

If this isn't a hate crime then no such thing exists. This clearly appears to be another double standard in the age of Obama's America. One has to wonder what the outcome would be if the victim where a black person with a group of white people calling the victim racial slurs before attacking.

In that case they would be most likely a free trip to the White House to meet the President, high-fiving with Al Sharpton on the evening news, a call by liberals to stop the madness and maybe even a riot or two.

More from Fox News:

Two teens who were arrested for attacking a decorated Marine in Washington D.C. will not be facing hate crime charges – despite evoking race before beating and robbing him, said the veteran.

Former Sgt. Christopher Marquez told Fox and Friends yesterday that so far a male and a female teenager have been charged in connection with his attack at a local McDonald’s.

The male is being charged with aggravated assault, and the female with pickpocketing, said Marquez.

But the Marine hero says this doesn’t take into account his report that the teens had called him a racist, and asked him if “black lives matter.”

Surveillance footage shows the suspects knocking Marquez unconscious, before reportedly running away with his wallet.

“I believe that I should get the same type of protection as other people in this country,” the veteran told Brian Kilmeade.

“We all know that if this were the other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically.”

Video of the attack can be seen here:


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