Recently, the residents of Clifton, New Jersey got to witness first-hand what President Barack Obama’s cheerleading of the make believe country of Palestine  does to our communities.

Taking a page from Obama’s hero worship of Islam playbook, the city allowed the fake Jew hating radical Muslim Palestinian nationals to fly their flag high overhead.

Palestine is a little swatch of land full of haters. They hate Israel, they hate westerners, they hate their neighbors, and trust us Obama, they certainly could not care less about you either. 

Palestinians blow people up, they blow themselves up, and they go across the border in Israel whenever they get the chance and murder people. Clearly, the Palestinians are terrorists. So, yes a group of American hating Jihadist supporting Palestinians were allowed to display their flag of terrorism over a New Jersey city.

Where is the former Republican presidential candidate, Governor Christ Christie? Why have we not heard from him?

The city council, via retard Lauren Murphy said, “It was obvious the flag should be raised because Palestinians have become a major part of the Clifton community.”

Really? So, if you happen to have a group of Nazi sympathizers in your community would you be flying that banner of hate?

This is another notch in the belt for terrorists in America. The Jihad is here. It begins with seemingly small things like this, but if we don’t get a grip the ISIS flag will be flying over the White House. We certainly have a president who would seem not to mind.

Source: Mad World News


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