Several weeks have gone by since James Patrick Stuhlman was brutally murdered by three black teens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the media has been silent regarding the killing.

Stuhlman was walking his dog when he was gunned down in a robbery attempt, even though he apparently had his hands in the air and was pleading "don't shoot." It's incredibly sad and telling that, even though Stuhlman was using the phrase "don't shoot," which was made popular by rioters and protesters in Ferguson, that his death hasn't garnered the media attention that other attacks have.

While local media in Philadelphia picked up the story and gave it some attention, the national media have been absolutely silent regarding the killing, something which wouldn't be the case if the roles had been reversed and Stuhlman had been a black man murdered by three white teenagers.

Unfortunately, Al Sharpton, Obama, Holder, and other major political figures on the left aren't there to decry attacks on both sides. They only spout out their racially charged diatribes when the violence affects black people--something that other races aren't allowed to do without being instantly labeled as racist and bigoted.

If race could be taken away from the stories and if people's attentions could be focused on the violence behind the murder, rather than the race of the person perpetrating it, perhaps we could come to some common ground and work to fix America's problem with violent crime.

When major figures completely ignore incidents like the murder of Stuhlman, however, it shows that they aren't focused on the violence, but instead are focused on race baiting and only talking about issues where race is an inciting factor.

If Obama and Sharpton occasionally talked about other issues that didn't have black men and women at the center of the attacks, perhaps we could believe their desire to help. As it is, their efforts are laughably one-sided.

h/t: Western Journalism

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