It seems that a week hardly goes by without hearing about an educator or a school involved in some sort of controversy, and not even a positive and empowering program such as “Black History Month, honoring and highlighting the achievements of prominent African American’s throughout history is spared from the destructive attempts by those in power to push an agenda of division, within the black community.

This time at a high school in Orange County, where the events of Ferguson Missouri become the focal point of a production created by the students with the apparent approval of the teaching staff, the production titled “Black Lives Matter” and portraying police officers in a negative light, outraged those parents in attendance.

The production was laced with inflammatory references and filled with anti-police propaganda, and with tee-shirts  worn by students with “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter,” and recitations of “last words,” including “I’m from Ferguson Missouri” and students were then instructed to  put their hands up and recite “I was shot seven times, my name is Michael Brown.”

This incident gained national attention and went viral when a parent after viewing the production posted it on Facebook. However  it should come as no surprise to any fair minded individual watching the news that the narrative promoted by the mainstream media in covering the tragic events in Ferguson Missouri seemed from the very beginning totally at odds with the actual facts of the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Here is the text of the parents Facebook posting, who happens to be a police officer:

“Last night my 8 year old daughter attended Orange County Schools annual Black History Month event (Orange County Virginia). We had assumed the program would highlight all the great accomplishments of people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Or Rosa Parks. Instead, as my wife, 5 year old son and daughter found out, it was very little about them…

My daughter had been selected to participate in the program and sing a “Motown Medley” as part of one of the elementary choirs. My wife looked at the program that she was handed as she took her seat and found disturbing and, what I would argue, anti-police propaganda all over it…

We are upset about this for many reasons. We were excited to allow our daughter to participate in a Black History event. But why were we not told our daughter would be participating in a political event. Or I’d go as far as saying a protest based off of anti-police sentiment.”

Later the same parent spoke to The Blaze:

“I work very hard to serve my community,’ he wrote. ‘I don’t make a lot of money and I don’t ask for recognition for doing my job. But to hear my baby girl ask us why do cops shoot good people? Are they bad cops? Does that make you (me) bad?? It was heart breaking and infuriating all at the same time.”

Of course the school is attempting to explain how this production came about and noted that the program, which is designed by high school students, consisted of a wide range of performances about a number of black history topics, including “current-day issues involving the deaths of young blacks.”

However if such a production is indeed a creation of the students wouldn’t it make sense that the events depicted be “factual”?  Isn’t t that what “Black History Month” is all about?

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