Do you remember our good friends, the Iranians, who benevolently went and picked up our Navy crew stranded on the water?

Iran making fun of U.S. Sailors at parade

It was that time when their riverine boat went dead and they were adrift. Obama and Kerry, rather than tell the Navy to circle the wagons and retrieve them, called up the Ayatollah, and asked him to do them a solid.

Oh wait. That’s not how it happened. Obama and Kerry did call up Iran, but what Iran did was far from just rescuing a crew.

It was a pirate-like invasion of our Navy boat. Surely, our sailors were thinking WT* and where are the Americans. Let’s not forget that our president has a pattern of leaving all but traitorous retches to fend for themselves.

This was not just the Iranian military who captured our sailors. It was the Quds Force, an elite group of the Islamic Revolution Guard, and not their typical Iranian military force.

Even their Major General took part in the celebrations, as well.

During the Iranian Revolution Day celebrations they made sure to mock us in their parade. Various floats and street acts recreated the scene, complete with pseudo-sailors, hands behind their heads, in submissive pose. They had another group daisy chained neck to neck being trawled behind a boat-float.

The sell-out of our sailors to Iran by Obama and Kerry is a travesty. As infuriating as what Iran just did,  Obama and Kerry have made the USA a laughing stock on the world stage. All we can do as Americans is let our sailors know that we stand by them, and we apologize for electing Obama to office.

Iranian Quds Force commander took part in the parade.

Source: Gateway Pundit



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