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The limelight can indeed be a tough place especially if you’re a privileged child, living in the lap of luxury, and a sensible upbringing can be the difference between spoiled expectations and a reasoned and common sense awareness of extravagance and limitations.

By any reasoned standard a $20,000 dress for each of Obama’s teenage daughters, are perhaps the reason why a Donald Trump is surging within the polls, and the reason why many American’s view this Administration out of touch with average Americans.

In that even the nightly newscasts in Russia have taken note at the opulent lifestyle of the Obama’s stating in one recent telecast: “The 44th American president goes on vacation twice a year, in the summer and during Christmas.

Over the seven years of his presidency, American taxpayers spent between $10 million and $74 million a year on vacations for the first American family.

To understand how such unbelievable expenses accumulate, the cost for only the plane and the bodyguards when Mr. Obama flew his family to Hawaii, in 2014, was $5,316,000.”

Obviously no one is suggesting that the First Family should not go on vacation, however this is the “people’s money” and at the very least an understanding that a 14-year old should not expect to be dressed in a $19,990 dress, while the average Social Security benefit for a senior who has worked all of their adult lives receives approximately $15,000 per year in benefits…think about!

Do you think this overly expensive dress is an irresponsible use of taxpayer money?

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