Students march in anti-Trump protest at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville

The meltdown of the left continues, with elected officials calling for more demonstrations more protests and perhaps even more violence around the country. One of those politicians’s calling for civil unrest is of course New York’s own Mayor Bill De Blasio attempting to justify the prolonged and well-funded protests, by suggesting that somehow the popular vote count for Clinton negates President Elect Trump’s mandate.

Stating; “We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things.”

De Blasio like many of his progressive counterparts presides over a sanctuary city, with an increasing growing crime rate, moreover the trajectory that he’s describing has actually emboldened these protesters to double down and become more violent and even more extreme, with reports of private property being destroyed, onlookers assaulted and even unconfirmed report of ambulances being blocked from entering hospitals with critically ill patents on board.

This latest incident of a 15-year old boy assaulted for wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, is indicative of how these marauding and violent prone protesters respond to De Blasio’s “trajectory.”

This particular protest began peaceful enough with hundreds of students from Richard Montgomery High School carrying signs and chanting “Love Trumps Hate,” which has now become the new slogan of the loony left, similar to that of the safety-pin, or if you’re tad older the “diaper pin,” take your pick.

When the demonstrators reached Maryland Avenue, that’s when the Trump wearing youth appeared, and was immediately surrounded and attacked, punched in the face, and thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the ribs.
Max Stucky, who witnessed the attack, told “WTOP” a local media station; “They jumped him and beat him up pretty bad.”

Thankfully however the young teen wasn’t seriously injured, however he was being treated for some injuries that he sustained in the confrontation which the Rockville police confirmed he was the victim and not the aggressor.

So far, as of this writing one 17-year old has been identified in the assault, and has been charged with a “second-degree assault,” with hopefully more to come.

Do you think this is a hate crime and needs to be prosecuted as such?

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Source: WTOP

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