The Obama administration on Thursday downsized the marketplace health insurance enrollment in the nation to 6.7 million people after investigator found that the original estimate for medical coverage was inflated by 400,00 people, who only had dental coverage. It is sad that the federal official couldn’t distinguish between the dental plan and medical plan, a shift from the previous practice they failed to publicize. This was a clear attempt to help the Obama administration to exceed its goal of 7 million sign-ups.

Blogger Lee Doren breaks it down in this video:

The White House falls below projections of 7 million sign-ups in 2014 without counting the dental plan sign-ups. The White House was trying to hide the actual enrollment numbers. Rep. Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said, "Instead of offering the public an accurate accounting, the administration engaged in an effort to obscure and downplay the number of dropouts."

Even before the oversight report, the Obama administration had already shown signs of lack of transparency around the enrollment numbers. Jonathan Gruber, the economist and Obamacare architect, publicly boasted about the intentional lack of transparency and deception of the Obama administration. It has become so usual that nobody is even surprised when disclosures of a new misrepresentation emerge.

The overstatement that Obamacare has hit 7.3 million people in September, which was more than the Congressional Budget Office estimate of 7 million, blackmailed the president and his team to boast that the Affordable Care Act was performing well. It is unclear why and how the department of health and human services mixed the two enrollment figures, and why investigators from the House Oversight and Government Reforms Committee didn’t report the error before Bloomberg News.

The 7 million thresholds appear to be important for the administration; they want to do everything to deceive the public that the health law is really performing. The number one most ineffective thing about the Affordable Care Act is: the administration lied to Americans to get it through. The problem is already with us, and they are doing nothing but worsen it.



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