It all boils down to one simple truth: First one to 270 wins.

The 270 refers to the electoral votes needed to win the presidency – the legacy of a carefully crafted system of government over 200 years ago as the Founders sought to balance the competing powers of the new republic – small versus large states, agricultural ones versus ports and cities, north versus south.

It's still true, even in an election year that has pitted a seasoned professional politician against a brash outsider as an overwhelming number of voters admit they don’t like or trust either candidate and just want it all to be over like a bad dream.

But recent bombshell announcements about Clinton have suddenly created a very tight race that is showing signs of being razor thin by Tuesday evening.

What was long-held to be certain knowledge that Hillary Clinton would cruise to victory in 2016 as the first woman president in United States history has turned out to be anything but a sure thing – and with two days to go before voters go to the polls, Clinton’s lead has all but evaporated.

After 18-months of non-stop campaigning that saw Clinton face an unexpected challenge from an unexpected source in Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose curmudgeonly style entranced the millennial voters, and Trump face… just about everyone else, including FOX News anchor, Megyn Kelly, through debates, conventions, accusations, leaked videotape, a disgraced national committee chair and endless comments about Trump’s hair color that inexplicably appears orange on television and Clinton’s fainting… the voters are past ready for a decision, and frankly – any decision.

But the candidates are well aware that recent developments in the last ten days have made for a much closer race than was predicted even a few short weeks ago.

On Friday, October 28, FBI Director James Comey announced that information found on the laptop belonging to former New York Congressman Anthony Wiener and now-estranged wife and Clinton confidante and best friend, Huma Wiener, had led to the conclusion that the Clinton case – thought completed in July – was being reopened.

The bombshell announcement sent both sides scrambling to respond to a deluge of questions posed by the media about the laptop computer shared by disgraced New York representative Anthony Wiener and his now-estranged wife and Clinton aid, Huma Abedin.

The polls began to shake for Trump in between the announcement and the conference before the first day of school and now both Trump and the Clinton campaigns are trying to find a way to the 270 electoral votes.

It won’t be long.

In 48 hours, we go to the polling place in our firehouse, or school gym.

Twelve hours after that – we should know who found the 270 votes.

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