There’s one thing you can always count on, when progressives find themselves unable to wiggle out of their own hypocrisy, whether in a debate or in their attempt to rewrite historical facts, they resort to their fall back tactic of “name-calling.”

Thinking that their verbal assault will somehow distract from the fact that under their leadership America has become a country in disrepair, where our allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us, and both no longer respect us.

And it’s within this backdrop that Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took to her podium Monday morning, to slander once again Donald Trump.

This time in the aftermath of last weekends terror attacks in New York City, New Jersey, and in the bastions of terrorist prone Minnesota.

Hillary in a desperate attempt to revitalize her campaign once again took aim at Trump and began a tirade of verbal attacks, blaming the soon to be Republican frontrunner for the weekend attacks, regardless of the fact that Trump has never held public office; and yet is somehow responsible for terrorism.

Which of course explains Hillary’s desperation, in that she was one of those political leaders who is responsible in part for the current condition around the world and here in America.

Moreover when Hillary publicly attempts to rewrite history, by stating Trump has “given aid and comfort” to terrorists, is she implying that Trump committed a “treasonous act?”

And if that is indeed her suggestion, then what of her own deeds as Secretary of State, and the unprecedented rise of ISIS under her watch, and her support of Obama’s policy in releasing known terrorists, some going back onto the battlefield to engage in hostilities while American combat troops are still engaged?

No doubt Hillary’s campaign is in panic mode, she’s an uninspiring candidate with nothing to offer, moreover her health meltdown at the 9/11 Memorial Celebration, illustrates that aside from being perhaps the most corrupt politician within the last 50-years, she may also have some serious underlined health issues, which is not exactly a winning combination for any presidential candidate.

Twitter exploded with a quick and brutal reality check for Hillary:

Trump's campaign wasn't going to let such a ripe opportunity slip past them. They replied with the following:

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