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“One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to make the final list," ponders actress, Charlotte Rampling. 

Ms. Rampling’s thought is certainly one for reflection. However, in considering the movie “Selma,” does anyone think that perhaps the actors and actresses failed to deliver? No.

In addition to her statement above, Ms. Rampling asks “Why classify people?” She also goes on to say this forced diversity is “...racist to whites.”  

It absolutely is.  She also doesn’t think there should be racial quotas in order to hand out the award. Well, the powerhouse couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, appear to think otherwise.  

Unfortunately for Mr. Smith, he double-speaks, when he professorially states that we are becoming “regressive,” and we are on a road to “separatism.”

If you and your wife push for quotas in awards, that is precisely what you are doing. Segregating the Oscars, you moron!

Another thought to consider that is completely lost on everyone requires us to look at Selma. Rather than see it as a diss, the performers should take it as an enormous compliment. The actors having captured the souls of their roles, the essence of the story in such a way that movie goers were left with what was most important, and it wasn’t their names.  

It was the telling of the event, Selma, to a new generation and as a reminder to the older generations.

Was their purpose to win a golden statue?

Or, to have the honor of telling the story of Selma and the great man whose life cost far more than any Oscar they might win?

That man was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, whose significance seems to be completely lost on these idiots.

See the trailer for Charlotte Rampling's film, "45 Years", that has her up for an Oscar.

h/t: Daily Caller



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