The tragedy of the night club shooting in Orlando, Florida has shocked the United States and the world. Most of the country found out about the deadly terrorist attack on Sunday morning, many on the way to church. In the wake of nearly 50 people being shot to death, and even more injured, all eyes are turning to scrutinize the life of Omar Mateen, the attacker.

Mateen, it turns out, worked for a security company that had Department of Homeland Security contracts. He was a "weapons eligible security guard" and he possessed dangerous skills.

The company Mateen worked for is G4S plc, a British security provider. Mateen worked specifically on the contracts that G4S had with the United States government to capture and return illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. border.

It's more than likely that Mateen, a radicalized Islamist who pledged allegiance to ISIS moments before opening fire on the gay nightclub, Pulse, in Orlando, helped facilitate the entry of other radicalized Muslims into the country. Because he was shot in a gunfight with police following the massacre, we may never know.

We can know one thing, though – and that is that Mateen was fully radicalized.

He was placed on a probation list in 2013 because of things he said during his line of work that made coworkers suspicious. The FBI interviewed him no less than 3 separate times and he was placed, briefly, on a no-fly list.

But Mateen's radicalism ran deeper. He lived very close to the home of Moner Abu-Salha, the first American to kill himself as a suicide bomber in Syria. The FBI feared that Abu-Salha, after traveling to the Middle East and receiving training, would infect others on his return to the United States. It's clear that he infected one, and that one man has committed a terrible tragedy.

It's up to the government to catch people like this. They need to do better and we need to hold them accountable.

h/t: Breitbart

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