Fox News’, Bill O’Reilly, recently appeared on the network’s show, Outnumbered and had some choice words for CNN.

First, let’s face it, the debate was a joke. One of O’Reilly’s issues was the utter lack of acknowledgment about this eentsy-teensy problem our nation has, called ISIS.

“What they did that really annoyed me – CNN – was they didn’t ask any questions about ISIS and the world blowing’ up.”

No mention of the refugee crisis gripping Europe, Bernie going off about climate change…

Nor, as O’Reilly pointed out, did the candidates get any questions about our economy in response to their ceaseless criticism in this regard.

“If the economy is so bad and you have to fix it, what’s he been doing for the last seven years?”

Well, Bill, after seven years, we are all asking that very same question.

Source: mrcTV

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