"The cold truth is Europe is getting what it deserves."
Bill O’Reilly (Fox News Channel 9-15-2015).

Europe, as a whole, has as inept a foreign policy approach as America. Unfortunately, for them, Europe is a lot close to the epicenter of the Middle Eastern exodus by refugee seeking Muslims.

The refugees are a sad lot, and as O’Reilly points out, they are desperate. However, the flood of immigrants trekking into the European countries is largely their own fault. While America has fought the wars against terrorism, Europe has pretty much sat back and done very little.

O’Reilly’s premise is that had they stepped up, the situation would be different and the situation could have been “contained.”

With America’s abandonment of Iraq, and in contradiction to Obama’s belief that we left behind a “sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq,” unfortunately, Iran and ISIS took over.

Empty threats from Obama to take action against dictators like Bashar Assad of Syria, and Europe’s overwhelming and deafening silence have resulted in, what O’Reilly describes as,
“A combination of cowardice and bad policy, has led to one of the biggest mass migrations in history.”

Not only do many European countries not want them, Saudi Arabia does not want them, and decades will pass and millions more will immigrate into the European Union, which O’Reilly says may collapse.

“If the USA and Western Europe continue to blunder in the face of the Jihad and tolerate brutal dictators like the Iranian mullahs the world will devolve into continual conflict, and humanitarian disaster. There’s no question about it.

Source: mrcTV

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