Only 21% of Americans support our buffoon president and his equally inept administration when it comes to Obama’s entire foreign policy approach to the Middle East.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Channel, on the No Spin Zone, in his Talking Points Commentary, spoke to this point on September 9th. Forty-nine (49%) of Americans disapprove and 30% are clueless. O’Reilly’s premise is that the tide has turned against Obama when it comes to all things foreign (and domestic, just look at his approval polls).

As O’Reilly pointed out, that when Obama bailed on finishing what we started in the Middle East and left Iraq hanging in the lurch, ISIS moved in and filled the vacuum. There is absolutely no arguing with that. ISIS born of Al Qaeda, is the quintessential demon-army. Complicit with Obama’s lack of leadership is the main stream media. Some highlights of O’Reilly’s monologue:

“It is simply stunning that the American press has said so little about President Obama’s disastrous foreign policy of the Obama Administration.”

It really isn’t when you think about it. It is par for the course with those lapdogs.

The reason?

“The liberal press despised the Iraq war so much it’s not going to accurately assess the results of Mr. Obama’s timid approach.”
O’Reilly also speaks of the nightmare humanitarian crisis that is beginning to ravage Europe, and there is no stopping it. He puts forth the premise that most of the Muslims are “simply trying to live.”

Unfortunately, the violent aggressing being waged by them on the Hungarian-Serbian border and in Denmark, is also telling of another side to the situation and that is not a peaceful immigration by a thankful people, but an invasion by an angry and violent mob.
Not to mention the whole Iran thing. Iran wants to wipe Israel and America off the face of the earth and our president seems to not care. Nor does Hillary Clinton. We are suffering the loss of our nation’s safety because of exactly what O’Reilly says, a “…disastrous foreign policy…”

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