To suggest that there may be a war on Christians is an understatement of monumental preposition, and all one needs to do is simply watch the news…this time it’s a deranged looser venting his hate on innocent unsuspecting students simply trying to get an education, as he methodically went about singling out Christians asking his victims “what their religion was” then ordering them to crawl to him before executing them, with a shot to the head.

In one instant he promised to spare the life of a young girl if she begged for her life, she did and he murdered her.

Lacey Scroggins shown with her father here survived by hiding under a fallen classmates body

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The carnage continued until the police arrived, where this deranged evil lunatic either was shot by the police or took his own life; however one thing is certain, the moment someone showed up with a weapon, the carnage ended! Equally a sign that proclaims a “gun free zone” is an open invitation for a madman to easily commit this type of crime.

And while the progressive political elite play politics and attempt to distract from what is at the root cause of this type of mayhem that of mental illness and a society that no longer respects human life.

However after listening to this character’s father blame the gun rather than his son actually speaks volumes of what type of family this is, apparently responsibility and accountability doesn’t seem to be a part of this family’s upbringing or values.

Source: Daily Mail

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