The Supreme Court of the United States has affirmed the Second Amendment as “guaranteeing the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation,” and forty-five states allow guns to be openly and visibly carried in public, which supporters see as providing not only a method of self-defense for the owner, but as a way for the public to respond to a rapidly unfolding criminal situation when lives are threatened and police are miles away.

Today in Mandeville, Louisiana, where open carry is allowed without a permit for anyone over the age of 17 not prohibited from doing so by state or federal law, the store clerk and a customer of a Shell gas station are grateful for that right.

According to the Mandeville Police Department, Shawn Breland became angry and upset after he entered the convenience store attached to the Shell station, and began shouting racial slurs and swearing at the clerk who threatened to call police if Breland did not leave the store.

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The 42-year-old unruly man complied, but returned several times, becoming increasingly more aggressive and abusive each time until another customer, wearing a holstered gun in plain sight, attempted to intervene and advised Breland to avoid forcing the clerk to call the police.

Surveillance video shows Breland leaving and then returning immediately, berating the clerk and throwing chips at him, turning on the gun-wearing customer, attacking him and cornering him in the store.

At that point, the armed customer fired a single shot at Breland, who continued to attack until two more rounds were fired.

The police finally arrived in time to take the injured man to a regional medical center where he was pronounced dead.

Although the armed customer who was forced to shoot in self-defense has not been charged with an offense, the district attorney will investigate the matter to determine if charges are appropriate.

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