Oh dear…

Hillary Clinton is going to be very upset with longtime Democrat supporter Jesse Jackson.

Clinton like most Democrats has taken the unquestioned support of the African-American community for granted, assuming that millions of individuals will vote as a single entity for the Democrat on the ballot – any Democrat.

She has reason to believe it.

Blacks have traditionally voted for the party in elections at least since Democrat President Lyndon Johnson made the claim, in private, to a colleague that his “gift” to them with the Civil Rights and Voting Acts in the mid-1960s would ensure the African-American vote for the next 200 years. LBJ, however, used a different word – one that starts with the letter “n.” 

Decades later, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has had the audacity to challenge the assumption that the black vote “belongs” to Hillary by daring to ask African-Americans to cast their ballots for real change.

And even as Clinton and the Democrats continue to try to portray Trump as a virulent racist, video from the 1998 is going to make the case for Trump being a true friend of the black community rather than merely someone who shows up to court them every four years.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson invited Trump to his Rainbow-PUSH Coalition conference almost 20 years ago to thank the billionaire builder for his help in launching the Wall Street Project in New York that highlighted efforts to assure equal opportunity for blacks to participate more fully in enterprise.

In introducing him, the black activist called Trump, “a friend,” saying his move to give the project space at The Trump Building at 40 Wall Street made a statement about the black group “having a presence there.”

The video, which has hit the internet on youtube and online news sites, will no doubt cause consternation among those who have their own investment in the black community – one of keeping it safely on the South Side of Chicago with high unemployment and low graduation rates, gang warfare, broken windows and broken homes.

Trump’s vision of an American where African-Americans are individuals who can reach their fullest potential – including on Wall Street, is the biggest threat to Hillary’s dream of fulfilling LBJ’s prophesy.

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