It's been said that opinion polls do more to shape public attitudes than reflect them. Sometimes, though, opinion polls are so revealing and lop-sided that there is no mistaking the true general consensus on a given issue.

In a recent Gallup poll on immigration, for example, only 7 percent said they wanted immigration levels to increase. (It's important to note that the term immigration used in political discourse these days sees little or no distinction between legal and illegal immigration.)

immigration poll

While 60 percent of respondents said they were unhappy with current levels of immigration to the U.S., 39 percent of this sample said they wanted less, and 14 percent wanted the same levels.

The rest are just out of touch.

Despite years of liberal propaganda in favor of open borders and a North American Union, most Americans want less - not more - immigration. They want stricter enforcement of existing immigration laws and tighter border controls.

In short, they want America intact.

Remember Bill Clinton's once popular phrase, "It's the economy, stupid"? Well, you don't have to be stupid to realize illegal immigration creates a host of economic ills.

For starters, it increases unemployment through increased competition for scarce jobs and encourages  lower wages that go to "undocumented" workers. It increases social spending while diverting tax dollars to schools and health care for illegals. The drain on the broader economy becomes significant over time.

Recent statistics show that only 44 percent of American workers are employed 30 hours a week or more. The rest are unemployed, underemployed, or part-time employed. Quite an economic recovery, wouldn't you say?

Finally, illegal immigration leads to more crime - in some cases, horrific crime such as murder and violent attacks on U.S citizens.

Liberals would argue that illegal immigrants benefit the economy because they do the jobs Americans refuse to do.

Try telling that to any unemployed American desperate for work. If they can get it.


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