Obviously no reasonable and fair-minded individual would be opposed to spending tax payer dollars on research and development when it comes to health related issues. However spending “tax dollars” of over $400,000 on the study of young gay men’s “satisfaction levels” of their first “sexual experience” is at best perhaps a questionable undertaking (leaving morality aside), spending the people’s money on frivolous grants designed to merely promote a political agenda and a politicians reelection efforts.

“The lack of representativeness of AA adolescent males in studies focused on early same-sex sexual relationships contrasted with high rates of HIV in AA adolescent MSM suggests that this project fulfills a need to understand whether these early same-sex sexual experiences impact risk for HIV,” the grant said.

Obviously any research that can prevent the spread of any disease is a good thing, provided that the grant funds are being used to address the issues of healthcare in a responsible way, and that the science behind it is sound.

The study went on to explain: “improving the sexual health of African-American adolescent men who have sex with men and also HIV prevention community-based efforts and linking HIV-infected adolescents to care.”

What is not clear is that such large spending on gay young men's first sexual encounters will accomplish anything at all and make any impact on HIV rates. With such a large outlay of taxpayer money one must ask the question if taxpayers can be better served in many other ways.

Even if the presentation of what the ongoing study is designed to do, may prove to be a worthwhile endeavor, this makes one a bit apprehensive in spending the people’s money especially within this economic environment with our lackluster growth compounded by a growing national debt of over 18-trillion dollars. Additionally there are the national deficits that may start to climb again as early as 2018.

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