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The scandals just keep piling on, and no on one in this administration or for that matter within the mainstream media seems to care.

The latest Clinton misdeed involves what else but “Clinton Cash” which coincidently happens to be the name of Peter Schweizer’s critically acclaimed 186 page book, that chronicles in detail how these two corrupt individuals, (Bill and Hillary), conspired to enrich themselves through a maze of questionable practices.

The book calls into question those “charitable donations” made by both Foreign Governments and Businesses to the Clinton Foundation and in return Bill Clinton record-breaking speaking fees awarded by those same governments and business, while “coincidently Hillary as Secretary of State provided unprecedented favors in return to those same governments and businesses.

However perhaps the most egregious scandal to have emerged is Hillary’s “uranium deal” and the continued silence by the mainstream media, for well over a year.

In which the Russian Government used a Canadian company as a front, to purchase American uranium which required the approval of both Obama and Clinton because uranium is a strategically important commodity.

In return the Clinton Foundation received more than $145 million in donations, from a company called Uranium One, and of course Hillary’s State Department approved the final deal.

The Russians now own 20% of U.S. uranium assets, an important strategic commodity.

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