Democrat-in-name-only Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Socialist running for president against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her bid to become the first woman president, has taken a page from President Obama, who was successful in thwarting Clinton’s first run in 2008, but with a twist.

In 2008, Clinton took advantage of her close ties to Wall Street and Hollywood, to amass a huge treasure chest from wealthy donors, while Obama claimed his campaign was financed by the contributions of everyday Americans, people who sacrificed a Starbucks coffee or a monthly bus token to send him $10 or $20 to support his candidacy.

Sanders has been touting his backers in the same way, never passing up the opportunity to brag that his “army” donates on average about $27 per person, but an analysis of the sources of the contributions reveals an important bit of information about what Bernie’s followers have in common.

They don’t work.

As in… they are unemployed.

The analysis breaks down the $209 million donated to the Sanders’ campaign to date, finding that 28 percent of his donations come from someone who is not in the workforce.

Of special note is that this figure is not comprised by college students and millennials, who are considered to be among Sanders most devoted supporters.

In fact, the analysis shows that many of those who “Feel the Bern” are in the same financial situation as supporter Emily Condit, 40, who made three $5 contributions to the Sanders’ campaign from her disability checks, rather than college students who are relying on student loans or the assistance of their parents to make ends meet.

Sanders doesn't receive contributions from teachers, plumbers, farmers, waitresses, cab drivers, dentists, construction workers, stay at home moms, accountants, nurses, or any other tax-paying members of society.

Instead, Sanders gets his money from people who don't work.

No wonder they support his income redistribution policies.

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