For years activists like the NRA have been fighting back against the Democratic politicians who try to pass additional checks, rules, and regulations to hinder Americans from exercising their Second Amendment rights. Most often those rules and regulations have targeted the actual weapons for the increased scrutiny. But one California politician wants to change that.

Gavin Newsom is currently serving as the lieutenant governor of the state of California, but he is trying to solidify a platform that would allow him to be governor of the state someday. Among his many platform positions is an interesting one when it comes to increased gun regulation.

"It seems to me the most dangerous part of the weapon is not the weapon, but the ammunition."

Newsom plans to use his position as lieutenant governor to try and push additional legislation that would require background checks for the purchase of firearm ammunition.

That background check, Newsom promised, would be just as strict as if the person buying the ammunition were purchasing a gun--for the first time.

To drive his point home, Newsom tried to compare purchasing ammunition to his buying some prescription cold medicine without his license. He was turned away for the cold medicine but Newsom argued that the process for purchasing ammunition was easier than cold medicine.

The idea of forcing more background checks and hurdles on gun and ammunition buyers isn't new. But what is new is the ridiculousness of Newsom's comparison. Cold medicine and ammunition have little if nothing in common. The fact that there are laws restricting certain cold medicine and not ammunition simply reflects the fact that our Founding Fathers put a Constitution in place that protects our right to bear arms.

If any politician, from California or anywhere, wants to try and take away Constitutional rights from Americans, they're going to realize that we care a lot more about the Constitution than we do the fact that they're serving in an elected office.

h/t: WND

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