In independent-minded Wyoming, where there are more cattle than voters, simple fairness is dictating a policy that will require people to provide proof of citizenship as a condition of voting on November 8th.

As Republicans continue to uncover instances of dead people voting Democrat, of course, and Democrats, in turn, raise the specter of Republicans barring access to the voting booth, the Wyoming Secretary of State quietly went about its job – ensuring that only citizens vote.

The move – considered a sign of Islamaphobia, xenophobia and racisms, as well as probably dozens of other terms liberals like to hurl at anyone who objects to the rule of law – has draw angry responses who say its purpose is to prevent people from voting to depress the turnout.

In fact, State Election Director Kai Schon said in prepared remarks before the press, the push to verify citizenship stems in part from federal rules that allow some non-citizens to have a driver’s license, which in turn can be used as identification at the polling booth.

“Prior to this year, there was no means of validating whether or not individuals registering to vote with a Wyoming driver’s license were citizens or not.”

The call for verification by some new residents has not gone out to large numbers of potential voters – only 59 people were to be required to provide confirmation of citizenship to the Teton County Clerk’s Office.

Schon said his office now receives information about newly issued driver’s licenses from the State Department of Transportation and is able to spot changes in status from non-residents, temporary aliens or resident aliens.

Although the new policy was not directed at any particular ethnic or religious group, Teton County Clerk Sherry Daigle said her office had received “some angry calls.”

“It wasn’t singling any specific people out at all,” she said. “It wasn’t malicious in any means.”

A Latino community advocate in the county, Isabel Zumel, wrote to the Wyoming Secretary of State, Ed Murray, accusing the authorities of “upsetting” one of the people who were asked to provide the verification.

“I think it just made her so upset that she decided not to go forward and show the proof.”

In a state where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by 3-to-1, even that one person could make the difference.

It’s a pity they don’t understand how truly important every legal vote is.

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