Donald Trump has few people in the circles of the political elite who he can call his supporters. More often than not the people who are throwing their weight behind the business magnate are working class, everyday people who want to see a change in the way that the country is run.

But Rick Scott, the Republican governor of Florida can definitely be counted as a Trump fan. He's openly supported Trump for quite some time now, and Scott has the added clout that comes from being the governor of a swing state.

So when Donald Trump included Scott on a list of potential running mates many thought that Scott would jump at the chance to align his stars with Trump's. The truth, though, is that Scott seems to be happy just where he is.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer questioned Scott as to whether or not he would consider being Trump's Vice Presidential candidate. He got a pretty short and pithy answer in return.

"I’ll say no. I’m going to pass. I like this job," Scott said, referring to his current tenure as governor of the state of Florida.

Scott, however, met with Donald Trump on Monday and the talk undoubtedly turned to who Trump would select as his running mate, now that he has all but secured the Republican nomination.

But Scott still pushed back when questioned further by CNN, stating that he's happy working hard to make Florida a better place.

"I love the 20 million people who live in my state, and the hundred million tourists, I’m gonna do my best my last two years to make sure this is the number one place in the world for jobs, education and public safety."

While it's sad that Trump won't be getting someone as stellar as Scott to run by his side, it's good to know that the state of Florida will stay in good hands.

h/t: Daily Caller

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