In the latest round of regulation in furtherance of a liberal version of reality, the New York City Commission on Human Rights has created a cafeteria-style smorgasbord of choices for New Yorkers who are unable to determine whether they are male or female.

The simple biology of mammals that has served life on the planet for the past 200 millennia has suddenly become grossly inadequate to capture the subtleties and nuances certain individuals demand be recognized by society and accommodated by government and commerce.

Now, residents of the Big Apple can pick from a minimum of 31 flavors from their nearest Baskin-Robbins ice cream store and 31 gender identities as laid out in official guidance provided by the Commission.

Seth Hoy, press secretary for the Commission, said the guidance was necessary to “ensure that every transgender individual in New York City is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve,” although to what degree and in what numbers the Commission felt people were being treated with disrespect is unclear.

The Commission’s guide would be laughable were it not for the consequences, including the risk of a hefty six-figure fine levied by the city, faced by businesses that fail to acknowledge, respect and accommodate an individual’s gender identity.

So instead of the apparently insufficient male, female, male trapped inside a woman’s body, or female trapped inside a man’s body, a wide range of loosely defined genders are offered so everyone can claim their share of respect and dignity.

The definitions and choices were adopted, not surprisingly, from the University of California, Berkeley, and include “third sex,” “gender gifted,” and “pangender,” which comprises many genders.

Native Americans may opt as “two spirit,” although the Commission’s guide does not specifically address whether individuals who identify as Native American trapped in a Caucasian or black body can identify as “two spirit.”

Evidently, that determination will have to wait for another decree from the New York City Hall.

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