There is an endangered species in America that's not on any government watch lists. It's a species that is ubiquitous, important, and it's actually more than just endangered--it's under attack.

If you guessed that I'm talking about police officers, you're correct. It's more dangerous to be a police officer than almost any other profession in America right now. If you need the evidence just look at the recent cop shooting that took place in Maricopa County, Arizona.

A sheriff's deputy was leaving a police substation in Maricopa County, when an unnamed and unidentified shooter opened fire on the officer from a parked car outside the station. Luckily the deputy was able to throw himself behind a bulletproof-glass door at the police substation while another deputy circled around the shooter and placed him under arrest.

It later turned out that this most recent cop shooter also had a semi-automatic weapon on his person.

What's unlucky about the shooting, however, is the fact that it's the second police-targeted shooting incident in the month of May in Maricopa County.

Earlier this month, on May 7, another deputy was injured when a gunman took several shots at the officer from a moving car.

Straight-talking Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio described the scene as "a war on cops." He also said that politicians need to know what difficulties and dangers officers are facing today.

"They better start thinking about [this] all the way from Washington on down," he told CNN.

If you recognize Arpaio's name, it's because he isn't afraid to talk about things as he sees them. For him to describe the situation as "a war on cops" means that things are getting desperate and dangerous for the men and women who serve our communities.

We need Washington to stand up for these community protectors, not let them be mowed down and destroyed!

h/t: CNN

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