The vast majority of liberal Americans and Europeans have yet to experience the pleasure of having to defend against Muslim "migrants" bent on raping, robbing, or beating them silly.

Only when pro-migrant liberals finally reap what they have sewn will they learn the true cost of illegal immigration.

Some will experience a "trigger event" and become instant conservative "populists." Others, like the brain-dead German feminist hoisting a sign that read, "Will Trade Racists for Rapists," will never learn.

Sorry, but this millennial donkey is irredeemable and deserves her fate -- worse, she's asking for it.

The insanity of the left and feminism never ceases to amaze.

As the EU continues to crash and burn under the dead weight of Third World immigration, only Hungary seems willing and able to stem the tide.

The government has cracked down with a ban on the construction of mosques and the muslim call to prayer. The burqa and the burkini have been outlawed and a 100-mile razor wire fence has been set up to keep the migrants out.

In the small town of Asotthalom, Mayor Laszlo Toroczkail declared Hungary "a bad choice for migrants." He's ordered patriotic Hungarian bounty hunters to go out and round-up all the illegals they can find for deportation.

Hungarian men dressed in camo-gear riding motorcycles, on horseback or in helicopters have been scouring the countryside in search of illegals. The Muslim interlopers have been found sleeping in gardens and in outbuildings as they continue their relentless migration to various destinations inside the EU.

Once caught the illegals are wrestled to the ground and hog-tied. Humiliating, yes, but then again, think of the hundreds of European woman who have been assaulted and violated by Muslim rapists and gangs.

When a nation's government fails to protect its citizenry from the harm caused by outsiders harboring ill intent, you can expect the locals will take matters into their own hands. It's just as good when a democratically elected mayor sends in the bounty hunters.

To the anti-migrant vigilantes and bounty hunters of Hungary, we say -- "giddyup!"

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Source:  Freedom Daily



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