Every so often here at US Herald, we need to take a break from the hard news and give you something a little softer to chew on and enjoy. Today's relief from news about Hillary Clinton's email and the upcoming presidential election comes from the small farming community of Pattison, Texas.

Pattison and the surrounding cities have recently been undergoing some intense flooding, so intense that many people have been stranded without the ability to get to town to buy food and supplies.

Among those stranded was 71-year-old Gary Gostecnik. But what makes Gostecnik so different is the lengths that he's willing to go to help out his neighbors--while satisfying a little craving of his own.

You see, Gary loves Whataburger. It's been a daily ritual for years for the elderly man to drive to his local Whataburger and order his usual: "No. 1 with cheese, cut the onions, with extra tomatoes."

But with the recent flooding, Gostecnik was unable to get to his Whataburger for his fix. His family says that he pined over the loss for a few days and then came up with a novel idea.

Gostecnik, like many farmers, owns a large tractor. We're talking the kind with six-foot-high wheels and enclosed cabs. So this Texan had the brilliant idea that he'd drive through the flooded out roads on his tractor, load up on Whataburger, and then make the journey back home.

What makes Gostecnik's journey even more epic is the fact that he picked up Whataburger for his friends and neighbors and went around on his tractor making deliveries. It's a true tale of giving and service--it's just not that often that someone drives up in a huge John Deere and hands you down a burger from the cab.

That's Texas for you. Way to go, Gary!

h/t: Statesman

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